Google Ads

Google Ads

Appear on the first page of Google Search

Put simply, an effective Google Ad campaign is by far the fastest way to appear at the top of the rankings of a google search. In a world where results on Google’s second page have a click-through rate (CTR) of 1%, it’s clear to see how important Google Ads are.

At Vision Effect, we create and run Google Ads campaigns for a variety of purposes, such as sales, awareness and retargeting ads that are tailored exactly to the requirements and budgets of the businesses we work with. Our Google Ads Marketing Strategy utilises advanced advertising techniques that focus on conversion optimization and an efficient CTR. The campaigns we run are carefully devised to target exactly the right keywords, search terms and demographics to create the most effective sales funnel possible.

Google Search Ads Campaigns

A search-based advertising campaign is all about targeting and efficiency. The first point of consideration is the budget, as it forms the foundation and breadth of each campaign. Once ascertained, we can take a deep dive into the data in order to find the most effective search terms to target at the pricepoint we’re operating, as well as discover exactly the right demographic to market to.

Circling back to efficiency, the idea to is get to the most bang for our clients’ buck. Anyone can wastefully throw money at advertising, but the real expertise comes from finding the optimum ROI (return on investment) of each advertising campaign. There is always a pricepoint that provides this sweet spot and our ability to find that through our expertise and experience saves our clients money.

Search Ads
Google Ads

Google Display Network Ads

Display Network Advertisements make use of the Google Display Network, which is a collection of over 2 million websites, videos and applications that are able to showcase your ads to your target demographics. These ads often come in the form of a top or side banner which is a great way of attracting more clients and expanding your sales funnel.

Display Network Ads can also be used for retargeting purposes, meaning that if a potential customer has clicked on your ad before, they’re more likely to see it again. This is both an effective strategy for optimising your conversion rate and also an opportunity to learn from the CTR data, allowing us to analyse the information and create even more effective campaigns.

Google Shopping Campaigns

This type of campaign is utilised by e-shops. With this campaign we can display products through the Google Shopping network which displays them on the top or right side of the Google search results, as well as on the Shopping tab.

A Google Merchant Account is required with a connected product feed from the E-Commerce platform, and all products must be verified by Google to confirm their eligibility. Google Merchant also has an option for free product listings for specific products that meet their eligibility criteria.

Search Ads

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